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Transcending Boundaries

Erstwhile Roomies Unite!
North Carolina, Palestine, Sweden
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We will not be defeated by geographic boundaries!!

This is the story of two girls from Idaho and a boy from our nation's capital who joined forces under the auspices of the Seattle University Honors Program. For one blessed year, they were collected together under the same roof in a cozy apartment in the Central District in Seattle, with six feet between them and a 1989 Mercury Topaz known as "Bad Car" as their only means of transportation. During the wee hours of the morning, they concocted many strange theories and gathered together profound philosophical insights. Their diverse backgrounds blended together with just the right melange of idealism, compassionism, and realism.

ALAS! The inevietable date, June 16, 2002 came to pass, and our fearless trio spread to the far corners of the earth. Due to love affairs (some illicit, some not) our Idaho girls were transplanted to the balmy state of North Carolina (where she must forever endure the stigma of being a "Yankee" in the South) and to the social democratic haven of Sweden. (It was also during this period that a southerner was added to their ranks. He became a member of the family the way most royal alliances occur--through marriage). Our young hero from our nation's capital was to be confronted with the jungle of cars and smog and high school children that waited for him in Los Angeles, only to receive his calling to Israeli-occupied Palenstine two years later.

And now, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, our trio is once again united! Cyberspace allows them to transcend geographic constraints! And now the only borders are the limits of our imaginations...

Our only rule is "NO GRITS FOR BREAKFAST." The yankees are in the majority here.